It’s been a decadent afternoon…

…of gossip, chocolate and beverages, as a gift to myself for completing all my course paperwork and putting it in the post this morning.  Because sometimes, it’s good to let things slide.  Tomorrow, I’ve promised myself, I’ll settle into a new routine.

Since waving goodbye to my good friend, Claire, though, I’ve been thinking about that promise.  About plans that can work, and what makes a realistic goal, now that I’m facing a few weeks of being away from the discipline of writing groups.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself slipping into a mess of non-writing projects at this time of year.  One moment the garden was stagnating in sodden soil, the next it’s being over-run by a lush growth of nettles.  The lawn needs mowing and the spring-light is showing up untamed corners of housework that seemed acceptable in those short, dreary winter days.

Forget January the first, now is the time for my resolutions.  So I’m sharing my best intentions with you, fellow wordsmiths.  I want to create a private pact, with you as my witnesses that I will put aside just ten minutes a day for creative-writing.

I can almost hear you asking, ‘Only ten minutes?’

I know, it sounds feeble.  Thing is, I know it’s achievable, and that’s where I’m hoping to fool myself with this.  If I’m right, then it’ll work on the same principle as those five minute internet-searches I start my mornings with…

Who knows what I might achieve this way.  Fancy joining me anyone?

vogue illustration

Vogue illustration, Meadowbrook California Sport Hats for Town and Country, 1924


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