Radio Review: Lady Invincible

Are you still on the look-out for extra Christmas gifts?

Let me recommend something a little different, a great-value stocking filler: a downloadable radio play, by Lynda Kirby.

Lighthouse cover_cropped for cw jpg

Lady Invincible Illustration by Brigid Walshe


This is a well written, beautifully acted and produced atmospheric play, with the added bonus that all the proceeds go to a good cause.

The Lady Invincible, a lighthouse, is both the setting and the narrator for a narrative that dips back and forth through time.  The main strand shows us the interactions of the crew on the last day before the lighthouse is due to get automated, in 1996 as a storm breaks.  But lacing through that story are voices from the past and the future.

Don’t just take my word for it.  You can find it on Lynda’s blog at,

Prepare to be intrigued.

7 thoughts on “Radio Review: Lady Invincible

  1. Hi Cath Thanks for the endorsement. Could I ask you to change the webpage location for the purchase of the CD, please? It is much easier for potential buyers to visit my personal website than access the blog page. Hope you have a very merry xmas and a wonderful New Year. Lynda


  2. Thank you for posting this – you are very generous in making us aware of others’ works – I know I benefited from your kind review. I enjoyed the play very much – loved the atmosphere of it. Have a great Christmas!


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