Ringing bells and not just whistling Dixie.

Last week I accidentally discovered how to ‘like’ comments that are left on my blog. I’m not sure how long this facility has been available, though for several months  I’ve had likes from other bloggers so for sanity’s sake, please don’t tell me.

I’d looked, in what I considered to be logical places, for a ‘like-button’.  I’m not sure my school bellbrain is wired for technological logic, because when I didn’t easily find it, I assumed that the other bloggers were subscribing to a more sophisticated version of WordPress and gave up.

I should have checked the help page, of course, or asked on some forum.  Except that takes time, and in the bigger scheme of things, does it matter if I’m not quite au fait with all the bells and whistles?

WhistlesI’ve thought about that.  I’ve been feeling uncomfortably bad-mannered over not returning greetings.  I’m glad to get responses, so I’m sure you appreciate some recognition too.

Besides I like the etiquette of blogging, that ether-level connection I have with other people posting from all sorts of exotic and local places.  It feels like a meeting of minds to connect with the words, and occasional pictures you post.  I want to get it right.

I’m like that about stories, but I give time to my reading and writing.  I study those bells and whistles, figuring out how they function, and seeing how I can apply them.

I suppose I’ve been thinking of this blog as being part of that creative process.  Not only because committing to a Monday morning post provides me with a weekly deadline, there’s also the challenge of finding my subject, then composing and editing it.  These things feel like good practice for a woman who already has too many hobbies and ambitions that are firmly fixed on wordsmithing.

Chersonesos' BellSo I’m not making any rash promises about exploring all the gizmos of the blog world.  I’ll only ask for your patience if I’m a little slow on the up-take.  Sometimes, it takes me a while to catch up with the rest ofwhistle poster the internet community.






10 thoughts on “Ringing bells and not just whistling Dixie.

  1. I have a friend who generously gives time to help me. Without her I would not have my wordpress author account, or my facebook writer’s page or much else. I wondered why no-one subscribed to my account or replied but she set it up for me. Magic.

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  2. I have given up trying to find everyday logic in computer stuff. Ever since I realised that the way to turn Windows off was to use the “Start” button I understood that software is written by individuals with a non-comonsensical way of working.
    That means that I am even more in awe of the bloggers out there who give me stuff to think about. Thanks.


  3. Haha! Lovely of you to share that Cath. Makes me feel much better about my own technological shortcomings, though you’ll note I HAVE liked your post (she added only a tad smugly!) The worst times are when I’m around my nephew or niece. You can sense rather than hear their absolute disbelief at my numptyness.

    Regardless of your ability to locate expressive buttons, big respect for achieving this weekly blog; for setting yourself a deadline and sticking to it. I’m sure you’re right, it is part of a creative process and from my perspective, enviably good practice. Please keep ’em coming.


    • Thanks Ruth, glad you appreciate it.
      I know exactly what you mean about niece & nephew…mine are equally polite, which I particularly appreciate after watching one three year old navigate and re-set a series of programmes I didn’t even know existed.


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