My thanks to the Lassington Oak Mummers for a fine Christmas experience.

‘Here be I, the writer, a-scribbling and a-dribbling my thoughts on the page in style derived from ancient sage, of what time I observed the mumblings of some fine fellows, who did deliver amusements to a select gathering at the cost of some small refreshments, in a rustic hall, this Wednesday night last.

mummers-2-wi-2016‘Twas a seasonal tale of light and dark, delivered, in humorous garb and tone, by a band of merry wanderers.  To such extent that there was much splitting of the sides amongst their audience by virtue of the bantery and larking, jollily performed.  That matter, which included some stomping, and posturing with swords, and multitudinous winks and nudges, were a right good story, stoutly told.  How be, I do thoroughly recommend, should the chance occur, that you do partake of this brief and riotous entertainment.’

So as my seasonal greetings to you, I submit this tantalising glimpse of the Lassington Oak Mummers*, who delivered to us a skilled buffoonery: actors portraying amateurs, performing an economically artful script.

I wish you all the best festivities over the coming days, and as I’m taking a week off blogging for Christmas, I hope we’ll catch up again in the New Year.  Season’s Greetings, fellow bloggers, writers and readers.  See you on the second of January, 2017 to compare resolutions.


*If you want to know more about the history of mummers and the particular short play that I saw, you won’t do much better than click on this link for Lassington Oak, where there’s a fine, concise account of both, and a heads-up on where they will be performing in the near future. 

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