Hearts and minds are in currency.

Have you been looking for a way to both have displacement activities and make time for writing?  Would you like a solution that doesn’t involve a series of complicated spread-sheets and rotas, or the setting up of rigorous rules about how you divide your day?

Well, dare to dream.  This week I was supplied with a solution, and I’m going to share it with you.   Yes you, for free.

We all know how tricky it can be to make time for our writing, well despair no more.  I’ve discovered a simply wonderful gadget that will remove all need for self-discipline, scheduling and juggling of priorities, and not only is it on the internet, all the models are pre-owned, so it gains points on environmental grounds too.

Is there a catch?

Anything this good has to have a drawback, doesn’t it?  The Time Machines of Tomorrow – Yesterday website states that:

…you will not be permitted to buy, own or operate such a device before 26/05/2514. Due to strict continuum and time line regulations it is forbidden to allow technology to be sold before the technology exists.

If you’re interested, and can spare some time to speculate right now, I recommend a visit to the Used Time Machines website.  There are eight fascinating models to fantasise about.

time machineOn the 26th of May, 2514, this Philips Portal will cost – ♥ 12.9.

Even if you don’t have enough spare Bitcoins gathering dust down the back of your favourite chair, or tons of ‘hearts’ to spare  (do any of us, these days?), you could start planning, now.

I’m sure that if anyone can figure out how to overcome this, minor inconvenience, a writer can.

In fact, with so much time available, mightn’t it be worth thinking big, and aiming for the delux version?  The Lightyear 404 is a military model, so it’s big enough to carry a platoon of people.

Remember the old saying that the more we share, the more there is to go around?  This is me passing the message on.  Good luck.  I hope you’ll let me know if you work it out.  If we aim big, there should be room for all of us, shouldn’t there? 

time machine 2

7 thoughts on “Hearts and minds are in currency.

  1. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this ground-breaking opportunity Cath. I favour the Griffin-S, mainly because it reminds me of a houseboat, which may be a dubious reason for choosing a Time-machine. Just a quick query; will I get to spend quality time with the exciting new Dr Who, do you think? I think a time-travelling stalker with writer’s block would add some drama to her life – what do you think?

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  2. I think there might be a queue forming to join the new doctor, but I guess anyone with access to a time machine, whether it’s the steam-punkish version or one that resembles a houseboat, is bound to stand a better chance of attracting her attention.
    I hope you’ll let me know if it works. While I don’t like to think of myself as a stalker, I can see how access to a machine like this could cause one to develop such tendencies.
    In fact, I wonder if, after all, we are being watched…

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  3. I’m for the Hawkins 500, I’m all for comfort and space when travelling these days and the next however many there will be 🙂 I’ll hopefully have time to save up for one too. Thanks for posting this fascinating proposition.

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    • I’m so glad you liked it. And I do know what you mean about comfort and space. Seems wrong that it has to be classed as a luxury – for me it’s a necessity.


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