Festive season good wishes to everyone.

Amongst the vintage cookery leaflets I was gifted two weeks ago was a guide to Christmas entertaining.

This little gem…

christmas cookery 4is full of invaluable advice. After all…

christmas cookery 1

…at this time of year.  And then…

The hostess is confronted with the problem of cooking for a much larger number than usual with no other appliances than those she has fitted in her kitchen to suit her normal household requirements.

The thing to remember is that…

christmas cookery 2

…including, apparently, the local bobby, and the man with the red scarf.  Have they been invited in to admire the goodies?  There doesn’t seem to be a spare seat.


All [the hostess’s] difficulties may be overcome by careful planning and methodical arrangement with the aid of the reliable “New World” cooker.

The key, it seems, to keeping guests happy is a …

christmas cookery 3

And, by the looks of it, some unfortunate maid to keep all the plates loaded up. Not sure about that hosepipe, doesn’t suggest fine dining to me.

Still, it’s to be hoped that with all those bottles on the table, the happy diners will leave her some generous tips.  My guess is that she wishes she had a ‘reliable New World cooker’ of her own.  I know I do.

The hosts role, it seems, is to carve the turkey.  Ah, the good old days!

I leave you with my best seasonal good wishes, and hope that no matter what your take on the festive preparations happening in many lucky households today, you too have plenty of gravy.

10 thoughts on “Festive season good wishes to everyone.

  1. Happy Christmas 🎅 to you too Cath & can’t believe you’ve found time to “post” on Christmas Day! Remember my mum had a New World cooker so very nostalgic for me! Have a good one Cath & all the best to you n yours for 2018! Jx

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    • Thanks Jan. Lovely to hear from you again. Merry Christmas to you too. Hope you have a lovely day, and a great New Year.

      Glad you appreciated the post.

      I’ll let you into a secret…I write my blogs on Sunday to post on Monday.


  2. This is fabulous Cath. Great juxtaposition of your words and the wonderful illustrations. I especially love the gravy dispenser. Humour and history; perfect for a Christmas morning blog.
    You bring to mind my own ‘good old days’. The cousins, the excitement, a sack full of parcels, the pervading aroma of cooking turkey. In the end, the six-hour singed breast meat resembled sawdust in its texture and often its flavour. The kids rarely had brown meat, a privilege reserved for the men. Add mushy sprouts and my dislike of Christmas pudding and I was usually glad when the meal was over, copious gravy notwithstanding.
    My mum would doze through the Queen’s speech (she’d been up since 5am turkey wrestling) and we kids would play our Christmas games and eat chocolate until we were told to stop. Then there would be sandwiches and pickles, which I loved.
    I view it all now with a fondness borne of hindsight and the brevity of my present list. As I bathe my turkey in a bucket of spiced brine, cook it for what my mother would have considered a life-threateningly short time and enjoy leg meat alongside crunchy sprouts, I catch myself becoming wistful. I didn’t appreciate how special those times were. I do now.
    Thankfully, there’s still lots of gravy. And your leaflet was right; it does help.
    Wishing you and yours much festive joy and a peaceful and productive year ahead Cath x

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    • Thanks Ruth, glad you enjoyed it.
      How vividly you’ve evoked my childhood Christmases too. I think it was the sandwiches and pickles that I remember most. Was it my imagination or did they taste special in a way that they never did on other days?
      Love the images of your mother turkey wrestling, and yes, that fear. Even through the distractions of chocolate, presents and more chocolate we were conscious of that stress about timings.
      Then there was the week of meals that played out an imaginative variety of turkey-based themes, with all sorts of flavoured gravies. Those were the days, and like you, I hold those memories dear. Do we ever understand how precious times are at the moment of happening? Rarely, I think.
      Your turkey bathed in spiced brine with crisp sprouts, leg meat and gravy sounds like a precious memory in progress.
      Best New Year wishes to all in your orbit too. Hope 2018 is sprinkled with joy and success in equal measures on every front. x Cath.

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