For old times sake.

So here we are, how many years has it been? Let’s try not to look, not to think about time passing.

new year imageMostly that’s possible, even today, when every interaction begins, as it should with an exchange of ‘Happy New Year’ wishes.  What does that phrase imply, if not the turning of another page, the moving on in our story?

Words slip between us, signalling.  There’s a lot of space between my thoughts and my fingers flapping at the keyboard, scoring in shapes that might have slight variations between the meaning I give them and the use you make of them.  The gulf between us shrinks.  Hello, hello, how are you?  I’m so excited.  You’re reading my words, and for that I thank you.

It’s so lovely being able to meet like this, sharing these lines of connection.  As I struggle with that balance between verbose, my favourite mode of self-indulgence, and minimalism to the point of obscurity, my second favourite default, here you are, still with me.  Thank you, I’m so glad we connect.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones. I hope that 2018 will bring you health and happiness.

fireworks- pixabay,cin

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10 thoughts on “For old times sake.

  1. Happy New Year, Cath.
    I love the “space between your thoughts and your fingers flapping”.
    For ages I have been boring anyone within earshot about the baggage we all carry around as to what particular words mean. What I intend a particular word to mean is not necessarily how you interpret the word I use. Now you have refined the difficulty of communication even further. Thanks – I will certainly borrow your concept (but probably pretend it’s mine!).
    It’s ok in a poem to be minimalist, purposely obscure and difficult, but when that happens in emails and tweets, where it is not expected, then all kinds of “very, very bad stuff” may well follow.
    I hope you and yours have had an entertaining and enjoyable festive break.

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    • Thanks Mike, Happy New Year, and I hope you and yours are also enjoying festivities.
      Feel free to borrow.
      You only have to look at the Oxford English Dictionary to appreciate how slippery the whole business of choosing the correct word is. At least when face to face we can read immediate responses and correct mistakes, but this business of applying words to the page can be devilishly tricky. No accompanying grin or grimace to qualify a meaning as it is delivered. It’s often tricky enough finding the word I want, without the worry of figuring out all the alternative definitions once it’s combined with other words. Aaagh…

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    • Thank you Ruth. What a lovely compliment.
      I hope you’ve had a fabulous New Year, and best wishes for a wonderful, busy and productive 2018 to you and yours too. 🙂 x


  2. When I look back at problems I have caused it is nearly always linked with misunderstood words – but it is so much easier face to face as you say. I can tell a few stories to prove what you have said – but you don’t need to hear them!

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