Liebster Award – part 2. Am I random?

Early in my blogging life I decided my posts would be around 500 words.  I haven’t stuck rigidly to that, I probably average 600. It’s been a good discipline for someone who loves playing with vocabulary: I’ve learned about brevity and shaping a story.

Last week, when taking part in the Liebster Award, I had just over 400 words of instructions to paste in. I knew I couldn’t create an introduction and 11 answers with what was left, so for my peace of mind, I decided to only count my responses.  That worked for the set-questions (750 words), but left no room for two optional rules which I thought intriguing.

  1. Write a paragraph about what makes you passionate about blogging
  2. List ten random facts about yourself

Consequently, this post takes a few liberties.

Firstly, I have to wonder, am I passionate about blogging? It depends on how we think passion manifests.  If it’s waves crashing over lovers writhing on the shore, or, as the dictionary lists the synonyms, it is vehement, fiery, heated and feverish, then the answer would have to be no.

free-png-hd-world-globe-download-png-image-globe-free-download-png-1024However, what blogging has developed into for me is not just a regular commitment to writing, it’s a place where I connect with bloggers around the world.  I like to think my horizons are continually broadening, and my weekly posts happen because I’ve made friends. I’m no longer sending words out into the ether, people read and respond.  There is an energy involved in this process that is fed by my friends, and drives me to continue writing.  In other words, this is all your fault.  Really!

10 Random facts:

  1. Never give me an inch, because I will take a mile.
  2. I use random facts to create characters.
  3. I only buy black socks.  It means not having to worry about making up pairs.
  4. There are five hats on top of my wardrobe, two of which I’ve never worn.
  5. DSCF8175I’ve been soaking the blocked black ink-jet on a printer for two weeks, and am determined that this printer is not going to be dumped.
  6. I don’t always try to tell the truth in real life, but I value honesty in fiction.
  7. Despite severe pruning last winter, my fig tree has again grown right across the kitchen window.
  8. I believe that sometimes it’s better for a glass to be half empty.
  9. I will not make a mosaic from the box of crockery shards I have been collecting while walking Rusty across ploughed fields.
  10. I have twenty-two hand-knitted jumpers.  Thanks, mum!

Ray’s just read this, and he says:

“It is difficult to pin down the origin of any thought.  So, we have to question what random might actually mean.  No matter what you do, you cannot find out where a thought originates.  You pick up something intuitively, and have to follow it.  If thoughts only originate in the world, how would we ever be able to use them to express something new?” (Taoism)

Total:  491 Words (including this).     :~)

confuscious, Lao Tsu, Buddha

20 thoughts on “Liebster Award – part 2. Am I random?

    • Thanks, GHDandMe. Hats and socks, what’s not to love? It’s the pairing of socks that drives me bananas, but perhaps I could signal my individuality by wearing random combinations. Not sure I could carry off the two hats though, much as I love them, they’re mighty stiff and uncomfortable.


    • Thanks Neil. I know what you mean about favourites. I think the great thing about lists is that I never can quite decide on order of preference, and that reordering creates a slightly different emphasis…or story.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m not usually interested in these sorts of question lists but, D*** you are fascinating! 5 hats–two you’ve never worn. Only buy black socks (clever that). And then there’s Ray. My little dose of Taoism for the day.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my list, I found it surprisingly challenging to put together. Random turns out to be more difficult than I expected.
      Ray says, ‘You’re welcome!’


  2. Nice one Cath. I know now to look out for a black socked lady wearing three hats with inky fingers (you not the hats) stomping shards of broken pottery into the ground whilst pruning an over enthusiastic fig tree. Shouldn’t be hard to spot??

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ah, I’m so glad we connected. I would gather scrap paper from scrapbooks to use for some-day projects. Little things would always be for a some-day puppet show. Magazines had pictures I had to keep for inspiration, and they’d just pile up…yeah, I’ve had to toss that stuff, esp with the flooding, but that creative magpie trait is still very, very strong in Bash… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does sound like we’re fellow souls, you, me and Bash.
      Now you’ve had to have a clear out (hope that’s gone well) I expect you’ll start again. I ditched loads of stuff when I had to put everything into storage for a few years and didn’t have room, but you’d never think that, if you saw the back of my shed. And that’s despite promising myself I’d aim to be a minimalist.

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