Seasonal rantings & a short pause.

As I write this, a flurry of last-minute gift ideas is descending into my in-box. Every one of them smacks of desperation. Am I tempted? I’m not.

No, not me, why would I be? Do I seem so disorganized?

How do they know, these smart-alec sales-people, that I haven’t been stockpiling gifts since the autumn? Actually, scratch that thought, perhaps I started my shopping last January. I might have a drawer full of choices. Maybe I’m so well prepared they’re all wrapped and labelled, too.

Am I so lacking in imagination that the best I can manage is a bar of chilli-chocolate; a jar of seasonally decorated brandy-butter, or a packet of cranberry and orange fudge? All, of course, offered with festively-inflated last-minute price tags.

Perhaps the producers of these specialised goodies have one week to sell them in, and the profits have to keep them afloat for the other eleven and a half months of the year. It’s probably only cynics who believe that those marketeers are marketing wizards, cashing in on our desire to celebrate with ever increasing pizzazz.

On the plus side, Dan, our postman, tells me that he’s happy to be working extra shifts this Christmas. ‘It’s all the parcels,’ he says. ‘We’re struggling to get on top of it all. So many people do their shopping on line, these days.’

I can feel Mr Scrooge hovering at my shoulder, pre-transformation, whispering, ‘This rampant consumerism is the disease of your time.’

I’ve checked, and while Mr Scrooge has a point, some believe that the roots of our Christmas celebrations are found in ancient Rome’s celebration of Saturnalia. For centuries, the gifts given in December celebrations were sweets, fruit and small homemade objects. It may be that, in Britain, we can blame the industrial revolution (nineteenth century) for changing our spending patterns. Yahay, it’s not our fault!

Albert Chevallier, 1911

Excuse me while I go off to look in some bookshops, in the High Street, because the reality is that I am a last-minute shopper looking for inspiration, and what better gift could I give? Hmm, perhaps a gift to charity?

I hope you have a lovely festive season and a Happy New Year. I’m taking a festive break from blogging, and will be back on 6th January 2020. ✨🍷🌲💖❇🌐🥳✨✨❇

Marcel Rieder, 1898

29 thoughts on “Seasonal rantings & a short pause.

    • It’s wondering what the receivers might think that inhibits me, too. I find present-buying a minefield, and am always impressed by the friends and family who seem to find it effortless… Merry Christmas to you, too, Maria. 🙂

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  1. Agreed! I’ve had my email break occasionally but this season, my mailbox broke. Mail stopped arriving! Turned out, someone I don’t know wanted to stop their mail and the PO typoed my address instead. Weird. It was almost relaxing.

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    • I didn’t know that could happen without a password. It does sound relaxing. I might try doing that deliberately next festive season. Hope you have a lovely New Year, Jacqui. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Jean. Valentine wishes will do perfectly. I’ve picked up on how busy you’ve been!
    Sadly, I don’t think I’ve had time to read beyond class-prep material so far, (my head’s in a bit of whirl) so no chance of a DNF, yet. The heap of TBRs is still growing, though…


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