Ducks in the Trevi Fountain: What Covid-19 Can Teach Us About Life, Love and the World Around Us

If you want to see some of the brighter sides of this situation, thoughtfully done, try this:

Leigh Hecking

Ducks in the trevvi fountain

We’ve all seen posts griping about long lines at the grocery store, hand-sanitizer and toilet paper shortages, resource hoarding and general lack of empathy and understanding. The news is no better. It’s a constant stream of anxiety-inducing updates on confirmed cases of COVID-19, death tolls, the plunging stock market and temporary closures or suspended services.

But perhaps the most surprising thing to come out of this – something the disaster movies missed the mark on – is the human ability to seek levity in the face of imminent disaster.

Warning: Long, picture-heavy post behind the cut.

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21 thoughts on “Ducks in the Trevi Fountain: What Covid-19 Can Teach Us About Life, Love and the World Around Us

  1. and dolphins in Venice I hear. But hey… let’s just have a rabid screaming wall to wall coverage of headlines that actually is inducing horrendous panic, especially among older people but people in general seem to be finding it harder and harder mentally to keep their chins up. If I see that word BUT once more I am turning off the power and banning all newspapers in our house. It is not before time that more posts like this were posted.

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    • I agree, Shey. I’m now limiting my usual radio time. I’ll take some news broadcasts, but the current affairs programmes are all starting to sound the same. The dolphins, by the way, are one of the pictures on Leigh’s post.


    • Cath… I think what is getting lost so far as I can make out having looked at lots of data is that interestingly re hospital beds per head of population the Uk is down near he bottom with… Spain and Italy. Germany is up at the top. What I feel a lot of this panic now is about the lack of resources in the NHS so we need to hammer it home. It’s been a mess start to finish in terns of the response.

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        • Yep. I wonder how it all would be going now if a bit of that money they are now having to part with to keep people afloat had gone into the health service. From the panic buying to the biz of the workers the entire response has all been like that of a headless chicken shutting the door after the fox has gotten in to the hen house.

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  2. Kind of reminiscent of “The World Without Us” (and the knock-off TV show with the similar name). It’s a shame we can’t figure out a way to live with the natural world when we’re not in the throes of a once-in-a-century pandemic.

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    • I only saw the tv show, which was awe-inspiring.

      I agree, it would be lovely if we could come through to the other side of this with a fresh approach to life-styles, but I have the impression that the governments of all the major country are preparing to return to what we were doing two months ago, in a hurry.


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