A book-spine poem

A couple of weeks ago, Chris, at Calmgrove, introduced me to another variation on the found poem form. I’ve failed to discover when and where this originated, but did see a lot of interesting examples and challenges around the web, stretching all the way back to 2012!

Unable to resist joining in, I’ve cherry-picked a few volumes from my shelves. My version is a prose-poem.

A World of My Own.

Diary of an ordinary woman, in search of Schrodinger’s cat. Along that country road, footsteps. A view of the harbour, the probable future.

No signposts in the sea. True at first light, wild swimming in the sweep of the bay, familiar passions. The waves, a far cry from Kensington..

Coming up for air, in the heart of the sea, a reckoning. The sealwoman’s gift, ways of seeing room at the top, far from the madding crowd. A woman’s life? Travels in the scriptorium.

48 thoughts on “A book-spine poem

  1. Your book spine poem turned out well. I did it a few weeks ago. What fun. Paul Auster’s Travels in the Scriptorium is next up in my TBR pile. It’s been on my shelves for far too long!

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    • Thanks, Jane. I picked them out, and had to discard a couple, because they were printed across, rather than along the spine. Ultimately though, I think I prefer the final version.


  2. Great idea Cath, unfortunately, just to emphasise my cultural shortcomings, I have been trying to do it with pop song titles (and spending much more than an hour at it🙂). Even so a strangely satisfying process ~ my TBRs come next.

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    • I bet the pop-song titles would create a good story.
      I found this form of story-building a rewarding way to spend time too, I wonder if it should be offered as a creative therapy…

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  3. Great idea Cath! I enjoyed your book-spine poem, most especially your opening lines, “Diary of an ordinary woman, in search of Schrodinger’s cat.” Ha-Ha!

    I’ll have a go myself in the next few days. Even better, I think this will encourage me to rediscover long forgotten treasured tomes! Blessings always, Deborah.

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  4. What a great idea! It might encourage me to get round to sorting out my bookshelves. I rammed the books in when we moved here nearly two years ago and they’ve been like that ever since. Finding things is a nightmare!

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  6. OH MY GOSH THIS IS BRILLIANT! Were they on the shelf like that? Was one stanza on the shelf, and you constructed the others? The stanzas here are perfect! And you have the visual art of the colorful spines, to boot. Wonderful, Cath, truly. xxxxxxx

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  7. Thank you very much, Jean. I’m so glad you like it.
    I gathered a heap of titles randomly, then worked out which ones would tell a story. It was quite a useful way to remind myself of books I’d forgotten I owned!


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