This week, a quote:

I was browsing through my old Mslexia diaries, in search of some notes, when I saw this, and thought it worth repeating.

Writing is a world.  It’s a place we inhabit entirely when we’re there – putting words down on the page, letting sentences connect and form on computer screens.  We can’t imagine, when we’re writing, that there’s any other reality than this.

Kirsty Gunn

I don’t know about you, but this, I think, is what I aim for.

DSCF4818 - Copy - CopyWhere is the world of writing?  It’s not only in my imagination, it’s all around me.  My imagination translates the reality I experience into words, and if you’ve not yet understood the value of practicing free-writing, then this seems to touch on what happens when we practice it.