Creative Writing Workshops and Courses in and around Gloucestershire

Leonid_Pasternak_-_The_Passion_of_creationWriting can be a solitary, sometimes lonely, occupation.  It doesn’t have to be.  Getting together with fellow writers at all stages of their writing journey is a stimulating experience that I first discovered through evening classes.

For me, those weekly meetings were a safe place to practice creative writing (until then I hadn’t admitted to anyone that I dreamed of becoming a writer).  We were such a mixed bunch of ambitions and approaches that I didn’t feel out of place, and the tutors I had then, first Stewart, then Liz, were wonderful facilitators.

Later, as a mature University Student, I studied the theories as well as the practice of writing.  I met tutors whose standards were an inspiration.  They showed me that writing was both imagination and craft.

The learning doesn’t stop.  Writing trends are continually shifting, setting new challenges for us.

Each new class or workshop is a fresh combination of faces, dreams and ambitions.  We explore them together.  I bring the theory, and set up challenges: the group respond.

writing group imageWe learn about our writing, about other people’s writing, and often, we make new friends.

You’ll find more information about classes on my home page, or you can use my contact page if you’d like to know more about tailored tutoring and workshop sessions for small independent groups or individuals.

Some of the courses and workshops I teach, and have taught, have been with these organisations:

WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) – South West, North West & at Colleg Harlech; Gloucestershire Adult Education, Liverpool John Moore’s University Residential Programmes, Stanton Guildhouse, Nature-in-Art Museum, Gloucestershire Carers, The Women’s Institute.    


9 thoughts on “Creative Writing Workshops and Courses in and around Gloucestershire

  1. Hello Rob.

    Yes, one has just started in Gloucester, last Monday morning. There are 5 more sessions, which run fortnightly. It’s organised by WEA. There’s more information on It’s called, Creative Writing – Shaping Stories, and the course code is C3531060. You can enroll by phone during office hours on 0300 303 3464.

    I hope to be starting a new course in Stroud around the end of February, but that’s not been fully arranged yet. If you send me a message on the ‘Get in Touch’ page of this blog, I can email you back, or you can leave a phone number and I’m happy to discuss this.



    • Hi I’ve just found this re course in Stroud in February – which I’m guessing didn’t happen due to the lockdown. If things ease and there is a course sometime this year would you let me know as I’d be interested. Thanks

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      • Hi Angie, glad to meed you.
        Actually, we did get the course running in Stroud, then things ground to a halt.

        I’m currently hoping to set up a course using Zoom, and the WEA online teaching platform, Canvas. If that is of interest, I’ll be happy to share the details once their arranged.


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