Welcome to the Blog-Space of Cath Humphris

Thank you for Visiting

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  On this page I try to keep up-dated details of my creative writing and creative reading classes. 

If you want to know more about my teaching, check out the Workshops and Courses tab above.

WEA is on-line for 2021 Spring term.

We will be using Canvas, a virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. You will need a reliable internet connection and internet-linked device with camera and microphone. WEA will email you links.

Selected fiction from 1901: Doyle, Kipling, Conrad, Wells & Burnett.

Why do some writers drop out of fashion? Should they?

Up for discussion over a ten week course are a selection of authors who were at the top of most reading lists in 1901.

Conan Doyle has remained popular, with many, but what happened with Kipling? We’ll discuss Kim. Is it a masterpeice? Is it a childhood book? How does it work for the twenty-first century reader?

Staying with a colonial theme, we’ll move on to look at The First Men in the Moon, by H.G. Wells. How many of the questions we ask about Kim can also be asked about this novel, that is often described as a ‘scientfic romance’?

We return to Britain for two short novels by Frances Hodgson Burnett, ‘The Making of a Marchioness’ and ‘The Methods of Lady Walderhurst‘, and we finish with a short story by Joseph Conrad, ‘Amy Foster‘.

10 weekly sessions: starting 24th January, 2021. 3pm – 5pm (half-term 21st Feb) Finishes 4 April. 

 To enrol, and to find out more, search for courses on-line: www.wea.org.uk   OR Telephone 0300 303 346

Pre-enrolment is essential for all courses.

WEA classes are generally free for anyone in receipt of a recognised means tested benefit. 

38 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog-Space of Cath Humphris

  1. Thank you for returning the visit.
    We’re mostly dreaming about spring and summer here – that’s human nature for you, I suppose. though in our defence, it’s not so much cool as soggy here..

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem, Jenny. Start date will be 23rd October, time is 10.15 – 12.15. We’ll be reading North & South by Mrs Gaskell. More details will follow. Look forward to seeing you again then.


  2. Wow Cath, you’re a DIAMOND! 💎 You’re brilliant. I love how you sparkle so beautifully, and generously cast your beauty on the rest of us. Thanks with much love and admiration! ❤️

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  3. Dear Cath
    The WEA website tells me that your Thursday morning Creative Writing course is fully booked already. I had to wait till I had the funds but now I think I’m too late. I can’t do Mondays sadly. I don’t suppose you do another such course anywhere else? Sorry to bother you.
    Jenny Bradley

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